Membership options

Full members pledge dues on a sliding scale of $175.00 to $250.00/month, and have a number of responsibilities. In return, full members receive 24/7 key access, dedicated desk space, and the ability to host free events. Fill out a full-time application.

Shiftworkers pledge dues on a sliding scale of $75-$150/month, have 24/7 access, and are welcome to work in the communal spaces. Shiftworkers have no additional responsibilities, no formal decision-making power, no private desk space, and may not host free events. Fill out a part-time  application.

Benefit Full members Shiftworkers
Dues (sliding scale) $175-250 $75-150
24/7 key access to the space
Number of hours per week to work in the space unlimited 25
Ability to use common workspace
Your own dedicated non-common desk or studio space
Ability to host meetings, clients, and collaborators
Ability to host concerts, openings, workshops, and other events
Participation in consensus decisions about membership, facilities, finance, and other issues affecting the space
Number of hours/month required for meetings and committee work 4-8 0
Notice required before ending membership 2 months 1 month
Application Apply Now! Apply Now!