Make Shift Boston is a cooperative workspace of diverse working artists, activists, and creative people from across disciplines. We are also a gathering, exhibition, and community space. In all these capacities, we strive to support social justice activism, creative collaboration, solidarity, and the sustainability of values-driven businesses. We seek to create a space that is safe and liberating for all people. As artists and creatives committed to social justice, we live in radical, loving opposition and resistance to the forces that dehumanize us all.

Make Shift Boston provides event space in Boston's South End, with the following missions:

  • To provide a unique and affordable venue for community events and the arts in Boston
  • To provide a safe and supportive space for oppressed groups
  • To bring unity through collaboration, learning and positivity (including dancing, music, and sharing food)
  • To carry on the legacy of social justice in the South End
  • To invest in our South End neighborhood and its future, even through major economic and social changes
  • To generate funds for our continuation.

If your event request would align with these missions, contact us. Thanks!

Our space is wheelchair accessible.